Stag’s Head Blended Scotch Whisky 750mL

We are continuing this (likely extended) month of various whiskies, this time going with a scotch. However instead of this week being some single malt that I either enjoy immensely or wish I had never met –  we are doing a blend I picked up way back when I was in the UK. (Damn it’s been 4 months already). I got this because it was cheap, and I knew it wasn’t a scotch I could take my time with having less than a week.


In that regard I wish bourbon wasn’t as expensive as it is in England compared to back home. While this is just subpar all around I really wish that I had chosen better instead of picking one with a deer. (I wanted Glenfiddich and should have just done that)


What they Say: “The distillation of Scotch Whisky is a science, blending Scotch Whisky is an art…  Our master blender, with over four decades of blending expertise, has proudly created this distinctive blend rich in flavour, full bodied and very well rounded, leading to a long, smooth finish. Linger over our judiciously blended, premium Scotch Whisky. ”


Taste: 3.0 – It starts with an almost syrup or honey like fruit sweetness that quickly gives way to a bad smoke taste.

Aftertaste: 2.5 – This then spreads out an engulfs all of your taste buds. It ends with a bit of that syrupness, but the bad taste prior has ruined any chance of lasting happiness.

Burn/Smooth: 3.0 – It’s by no means smooth, it does burn, and while it gives a bit of warmth it’s not enough to compensate.

Aroma: 2.5 – It smells a bit more like an irish whiskey, lacking a distinct character of a region for scotch. It also lacks complexity like some blends have. The only defining characteristic is a bit of fruit like smell. Overall it’s just not good.

Honesty: 4.0 – I mean blending is just mixing various solutions so that’s still kind of science. I mean truly what makes it science is the method by which you would test to find out which is preferred by humans, but then maybe that’s why this is called art since they failed to do that. Also there text is a bit on the lying side and is a bit too wanky to gain some points. They have a stag though – which is something.

Mixability: 4.5

W/ Rocks: 4.0 – That sort of brings out the honey like flavor, but it’s not exactly made this a winning mark in my book.

Rusty Nail: 5.0 – I made sure to adjust this based on the whiskey (use half the normal Drambuie amount). It makes a pretty okay Rusty Nail, but not nearly as good as some others we’ve had.

Value: 4.5 – Listen it’s cheap. But buy Grouse, or Dewar‘s, or Red Label. You will just be better off.

Google Shop Average: $13 (Converted from 10 pounds when I bought it)



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 3.5

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Metric Score: 24/70 |+| Metric Average: 3.43 |+| Reviewer Average: 3.5

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Final Thoughts: So with Cazadores this is likely our last deer related spirit for a while. (Or is it?). This though is another failed oppurtuinity. We try spirits like this to find the diamonds in the rough. That spirit which has been maligned to the bottom shelf, but if you actually try it can battle with the big name boys. This is not Rocky though, and instead it should be treated as the garbage it pretty much is.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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