Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin 750mL

Not since our cookout where we had the delicious Kraken, have I ever really had Bombay (which was sadly lost to us). As stated I’m more a Tanqueray kind of man, but then Justice would have some fighting words with me about that – mostly because we’d have drunk our respective gins. However not to show bias this week I shall partake of the original Bombay Sapphire for you all.


To me the problem with Bombay Sapphire is that while it sort of embodies what gin as a whole is all about, I drink gin primarily with either tonic or lime juice, and in that respect my favorite gins typically have a bit more of a citrus feel. While it’s not judged below though my other respect is a good martini of which Sapphire is okay at, but I’d rather go a bit higher on the tier for something else.


What they Say: “We are passionate about producing the finest gin possible; which is why the creation of Bombay Sapphire is truly unique. Whilst ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their flavour, the taste of Bombay Sapphire is created through the Vapour Infusion process.

The 10 precious botanicals used in our gin are held separate from the spirit in perforated copper baskets, and when the heated vapours rise, the distinctive flavour of the botanicals are released. The result? A complex aromatic liquid that delivers a broader, more balanced flavour.”


Taste: 6.0 – It starts off nice and sweet with a hint of the juniper.

Aftertaste: 4.0 – Here though mingling with the burn it goes too much.

Burn/Smooth: 4.0 – This does not burn like a gin of this price should.

Aroma: 8.0 – Sapphire smells exactly how you want gin to smell. It’s sweet, the juniper is forefront, but the other flavors mingle together as well.

Honesty: 7.0 – Bombay is the classic iconic London gin that is above Gordon‘s, and I would say it’s appearance and other possibly even sets it above others as well.

Mixability: 5.5

W/ Rocks: 7.0 – Takes away the burn, leaves the gin.

Gin and Tonic: 4.0 – Alas we come to the reason why Justice prefers this, and I prefer Tanqueray, because while just rocks makes this fairly nice, Gin and Tonic is just not up to snuff.

Value: 4.5 – Value wise I would still grab New Amsterdam every day.

Google Shop Average: $21



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 6.0

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Metric Score: 39/70 |+| Metric Average: 5.57 |+| Reviewer Average: 6.0

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Final Thoughts: While Bombay Sapphire is not for me, it remains a very nice gin to have.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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