Bulldog Gin 750mL

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Welcome to Booze Reviews were today we have decided to do things Dogg-E-Style. Now I could BARK about my DOGS Buffalo Jern, DJ LvL, or Justice, or just YELP about my own self William Henri Neve IV but I am just going to HOWL a little about our newest review: Bulldog Gin.


This is more of a MUTT than a PUREBRED; however, that does not make it bad…not by a long shot. This does have some good flavor but the fact that my first smell does not even smell like gin (more like vodka really) does not bode well for this alcohol. The taste is fairly respectable and it does make you FETCH for the right words to describe it. Now, when I bought this I knew that, since I had tried Hendrick’s not too long ago, my expectations would be too high when I knew I should have kept my expectations ON A SHORT LEASH. This was a different taste and a different ANIMAL altogether. It was not as fragrant as Hendrick’s and it surely did not have the taste of Christmas as bold as Tanqueray but it did have something…it had a RUFF exterior but brought a PUPPY like smoothness and joy to our palates. Where this did not have the power to heal us like Hendrick’s did…Bulldog could at least HEEL and be by your side for the long haul. Now let’s see what they have to YIP about.

What they say: “A brazen breed, perfectly balanced with natural poppy, dragon eye and hints of crisp citrus. Bulldog guards the time-honoured tradition of distilling, meeting all opposition with brilliant character and a palatable disposition. Respect its spirit and it will remain forever loyal.”

It has some good tastes to it and where they do exaggerate the taste in their description this is still a man’s gin. This is a type of gin Michael Vick would have a tough time fighting…the urge to take a drink. As their description says at the end about loyalty: I have respected it spirit (mostly through puns); therefore, it will stay by my side forever. Truly a gin that can be a MAN’S BEST FRIEND.


Taste: 7 – It has a creamy taste when it hits the palate reminiscent of a vodka, while being slightly lower on the Juniper.

Aftertaste: 5.25 – It’s barely there, not awful but sort of invisible. It really gets staler the more it goes on.

Burn/Smooth: 7.875 – This is pretty smooth, there’s some spicy-ness but it’s above average.

Aroma: 6.167 – It’s nice, it’s slight above average, but it doesn’t linger or wow you.

Honesty: 6.625  – It’s a very nice black bottle with dog color top. Wank and alliteration are personally a YMMV aspect, but it comes off as a fairly good gin.


Gin & Tonic: 6.5  – It’s a fairly decent gin + tonic

Martini: 7 – A fairly good martini.

Value: 5.375 – An average price for the gin.

Google Shop Average: $26

Website: http://www.bulldoggin.com/


Reviewer Scores:

William Henri Neve the IV: 6

Justice: 6.5

BuffaloJern: 6.5

DJ_Lvl: 7

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Metric Score: 45.04/70 |+| Metric Average: 6.43 |+| Reviewer Average: 6.5

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Final Thoughts:

It delivers a bit, but it’s just slightly above average as a sipping/mixing gin.

Editor’s Note: Also I’m sorry about what I had to do about the video, being editor you’d think I’d put my foot down on not letting William go crazy with dog puns, and Snoop Dogg videos, but when it comes to actual power in editing it appears I’m all bark, and no bite.

Cheers folks.


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