Shipyard Old Thumper

We then go across the pond (more on that in the coming months btw), and try their British bitter style beer. Perhaps as it was cold I was more apt to enjoy it, but as I and everyone else found out British bitters are not terribly pleasant. Surely not an awful beer, but the aftertaste and overall feel of the beer doesn’t blend well.


Shipyard Old Thumper ESB: 5.5/10 – Ends weirdly, not a bad tasting brew but it’s not really enjoyable. This isn’t a beer you’d seek out, this is the beer that they have on tap that’s cheap, and while it’s not awful it can pair well with the right food, but it’s not a beer to write home about.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50



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