Castillo Silver Rum 750mL

Okay that’s enough scotch, I know we all enjoyed Justice giving us some more single malts to talk about but now we need to get back to not being Honest Scotch Reviews and talk about other kinds of booze.


In all honesty though we maybe should just stick to reviewing scotch, because it can be so much worse as is the case with this week’s entry. I figured I’d continue our descent into white rums, and despite what I thought was a low bar with Shellback it seems we can descend even lower.

Hobey ho.


What they Say: “Castillo Silver is an exceptionally smooth tasting rum.”

They then go onto to have 2 recipes, and then talk about 2 more of their rums (Gold and spiced) and have more text about that. I mean I don’t know if that’s wanky or they just realize this sucks and have moved along.

Taste: 6.0 – Here you get a nice breath of sweetness, but sadly it leads too. .

Aftertaste: 1.0 – One of the worst aftertaste I think I’ve ever had in my life. The only reason I am not giving this is a 0 is because as far as I know it didn’t give me like cancer.

Burn/Smooth: 3.0 – There’s a bit of burn here, but ultimately the aftertaste makes this going down less a process of smooth and more a process of grimace.

Aroma: 4.5 – It’s got a sweet smell to it, but there’s something off about it, it’s less a sugar sweetness and more like something else. It’s not pleasant though.

Honesty: 2.0 – You advertising your ‘possibly’ better rums on this rum with more text about what I actually paid for, and then offering me ways to dilute your taste with a cocktail is not a bold move, or a we’re too good move. It’s a tail in between your crotch retreat which is not good at all.

Mixability: 4.0

Rum and Coke: 4.0 – The coke here does lessen that awful aftertaste, but it also adds a little too much sweetness. And there’s still that undercurrent of it’s aftertaste.

Faux Mojito: 4.0 – Here it’s a similar story as with the coke – too much sweet, not enough killing of the aftertaste.

Value: 4.0 – I suppose I got what I paid for? So that’s average I guess. I’m gonna rate it lower because I could have used that 10 bucks for a much better beer even though it’s not a great value.

Google Shop Average: $10



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 2.5

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Metric Score: 24.5/70 |+| Metric Average: 3.5 |+| Reviewer Average: 2.5

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Final Thoughts:

I regret buying this, I regret reviewing it, I regret many things.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

One thought to “Castillo Silver Rum 750mL”

  1. Don’t agree just because your fancy to high priced triple filter 30 a littler liqour doesn’t mean castillom is pure shit. For the price point 10 a litter it’s better than som 18-20 a litter rum.

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