Bacardi 151 Rum 750mL

Hello and welcome to another edition of Booze Reviews.  I am the man called Justice and I will be sharing with you the drink of the week.  In previous weeks we’ve explored a higher end scotch and relatively tasty Vodka, however this week, because DJ Lvl has a tasty smuggled Vodka he’d like to review solo, Buffalo Jern, William Henri Neve IV and I decided we’d review a liquor that DJ Lvl wouldn’t dare touch.   That’s right boys and girls, this week we’re bringing the pain with Bacardi 151 rum.


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Highland Park 12yr. 750mL

Hello and welcome, we are Honest Booze Reviews. we began this journey across many sites, and in many formats. Here though we’ll be staying for a while and creating a new site continuing our ideal of what reviews of spirits should be. Honest – brutally so. As such we began with a 12 year scotch, which we tear to pieces for being so average. If you’d like to see what we’re on about visit out Welcome Page.


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