Gosling’s 151 Proof Rum 750mL

Hello there, you wonderful booze reviews reader, you. This week, your review is brought to you by I, the argyle clad Swetta Vest, the sole provider of class and upscale gentlemanly behaviors for booze reviews. I know it may seem uncharacteristic for someone with as much argyle as myself to review a drink like this, but I have not always been so upscale. In my sordid past, I have frequently turned to the likes of Bacardi 151° (which received a metric score of 5.46 in an earlier review) when I would “get my drunk on.” It was only later that I discovered this wonderful and powerful elixir!

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Patron Silver 750mL

Odelay, mi raza! We here at Booze Reviews have again gone to the Mexican well and when we pulled the proverbial bucket up it was filled with tequila! This is the third of our silver tequila standoff (of course it is a Mexican standoff) and this one is packing heat! In the words of a man I never knew that got drunk off a small amount of this stuff we reviewed.


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SCIENCE TIME – Kahlua vs. Kamora

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. You may not know this but the Honest Booze Review crew hails from WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). Myself (William Henri Neve IV), DJ_LvL, Justice, SwettahVest and BuffaloJern all have been working in various fields related to science and you could say that we are of the super-nerd variety, where we’re not only nerds for liking nerdy things but we have made them our careers.

Along with these careers comes an inherent love of data! Stats are amazing and excel spreadsheets are amazing for organizing our nerdiness with more nerdiness. I mean BuffaloJern organizes all the anime that he has watched and will watch in a spreadsheet, myself and SwettahVest both have excel spreadsheet character sheets for D&D which organizes things MUCH easier than writing all of it out, and we here on booze reviews have a spreadsheet of all the grades we have given each booze and organized it along with grades for each one and averages of the averages to see which scores, metric or user, are superior for the boozes.


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Kellan Irish Whiskey 750mL

Ugh my head.  You’d think I’d know at this point not to drink cheap whiskey straight.  Whoops, well there’s my whole opinion of Kellan Irish Whiskey given away in one line.  Hello and welcome back to this week’s edition of booze reviews.  It’s been long known in the Buffalo Lounge that for these reviews we really need to start paying attention to the lower shelves.  That’s why this week we turned our eyes down and grabbed something on the lower level whiskey shelf.


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Milagro Tequila Silver 750mL

My liver is crying and my brain is in a torrent of pain. Must be time for another installment of Booze Reviews. I am the Mexi-Bro, the real deal derogatory term for a Spanish person-derogatory term for a black person (ask Buffalo about what I am talking about as it is not the time or place for that kind of boorish language). I am William Henri Neve IV: Super Dragon Edition. Today we are going to be looking blurrily at a tequila we decided to pit against our review of 1800 – our last tequila review.


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Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum 750mL

Booze Reviews.  It’s a statement.  It is also an amazing way to find out about which kinds of booze should be flowing over your taste buds and into your stomach.  I am the man called Justice and this week the Booze reviews crew will be looking into one of the Buffalo’s favorite rums:  Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum.  The last time all of us at the Buffalo Lounge reviewed a rum it had fire warnings. This week we’ve move onto a spiced rum that, while 94 proof isn’t going to Chuck Norris your face.

Sailor Jerry Rum

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