Guinness Draught

Then we’re in the Irish Isles with the beer that’s become synonymous with class, distinction, and brilliance. I am of course talking about Guinness. Guinness is fantastic and getting it on draft is one of the best simplest pleasures life can offer you. I think all of us can agree regardless of the scores: Guinness isn’t the best beer in the world, but it’s one the best beer you can get in any bar worth a damn, and not be turned away because they don’t have it.


Guinness is popular and rightly so. It’s a great starting point for those interested in stouts and it’s a great fallback beer if you’re undecided. It would be appear though the Irish have nothing to say beside calorie info and have let their beer talk for them.


Taste: 7.33 – Oh what do you know it tastes lovely.

Aftertaste: 7.58 – Better than taste for the most part.

Aroma: 5.9 – Nice enjoyable smell, but  not great.

Manliness: 7.25 – It’s a little bit on the smaller size (11.2 oz though we think this is because they used to have the rocket and haven’t changed the label). Also the Calorie info on side is detracting. But then there’s the Guinness commercials, and the fact that you can order this in a bar and not seem like a wuss.

Value: 7.57

Google Shop Average: $1 for 11.2 oz


Reviewer Scores:

William Henri Neve the IV: 7.5

Justice: 7.5

BuffaloJern: 7.5

DJ_Lvl: 7.5

Huanlai: 7

The Bear: 7

Metric Score: 35.78/50 |+| Metric Average: 7.15 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.33


Final Thoughts:

I love Guinness, my goodness, my Guinness. Good stout for the casual person, and it’s mainstream so it’s very easy to get. Also on tap is just awesome.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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