Michelob Lager


Michelob Lager: 1.5 – I want to go on record as not being a huge fan of St Louis – and if their shitty well-known beer is this it’s not endearing. (I know local brews and all that, but Boston’s mark on the world is Sam Adams, and that’s quite servicable). Not to take too much time, but this is much like Heineken, a beer I don’t understand. It’s not particularly potent to make you drunk faster, and it’s not really beer-tasting. It manages to fill the space of just being bad at it’s job in both ways, and that the only reason to have this is because maybe you want to leave a bit tipsy, talk or quietly ignore the people your with at whatever bar you get this, and pee a whole lot. In short, it’s bland, weak, and terrible.


Price $7 for 6-pack

Website: http://www.michelob.com/ExploreMichelob.aspx

Count: 33/71


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