Ron Medellin Anejo Rum 750mL

This was a gift to the lounge, and while I am always gracious to accept gifts I knew almost instantly this was a mistake. Especially when once again I have encountered the new dreaded style of pour-sprout that requires a kickstart. Yes folks once again we have another spiced rum (apologies for all of the scotch we just finished).


(FYI The picture shows a cork because I got rid of it.) I’m not sure why the Anejo tag is used here (other than this rum coming from Columbia instead of the Caribbean) as it’s usually a tequila/mezcal term. Either way as we’ve seen multiple times, just because you age it for a while longer than it’s peers – garbage in will almost always give garbage out.


What they Say: “” (They say nothing)


Taste: 3.0 – It’s not water, but damn is it one of the most bland things I have ever tasted.

Aftertaste: 2.0 – Okay. I’m going to level with you this is downright awful. It’s frankly just gross.

Burn/Smooth: 2.5 – While it’s not hurtful to the throat, it is by no means smooth.

Aroma: 4.0 – While a fairly pleasant smell it is very one-note, and what I want from an aged spiced rum is a bunch of complexity and multiple layers.

Honesty: 4.0 – It has a spider on it, and while it says 3 year aged and the Anejo tag – it feels and looks cheap. Of course it also had that whole bottle topper situation which was a constant annoyance.

Mixability: 3.75

W/ Rocks: 2.5 – I really hoped that would do more, but then optimism has gotten me nowhere in this job.

Rum and Coke: 5.0 – Well it’s not bad, not too sugary and the Coke hides enough of the rum itself to do a serviceable job.

Value: 3.0 – Ahh I see that this falls into the category of ‘not-rotgut pricing’ but pretends it’s actually a step above, despite not being at all.

Google Shop Average: $18



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 3.0

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Metric Score: 22.25/70 |+| Metric Average: 3.18 |+| Reviewer Average: 3.0

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Final Thoughts: If I’m honest it really has been a bag of mixed reviews when it comes to spiced rum. Oh sure you throw it into coke or a as part of a drink with an ingredient list longer than a government warning, but in point of fact there are really only a handful of really good rums that don’t put me into scotch buying territory. Ahh well maybe next time.


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