Nikka Whiskey 12yr Taketsuru 750mL

Our part 2 of New Hampshire scotch adventures, and of course some people just muttered/shouted that this is not in fact scotch. This is due to the fact that it actually comes from Japan despite its presence in the scotch aisle of every store. Japan has been making waves recently in the whiskey market, most notably with Sunatory buying many whiskey making companies, and with it’s own well-known/imported whiskies. Hibiki and this, Nikka.


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The Glendronach 12 Year Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750mL

Alright well time to start going through our backlog of scotches (I’ll try to pepper them in among the other spirits). This scotch has a special place in my heart though. I was recently at the crux of a project release, and my nerves were understandably frayed. Even though my hand was shaking just to get the scotch in the glass, the warmth of the highlands saved me from getting too stressed.


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Glenfiddich 12yr 750mL

Ahh to review scotch again. Well plainly we’ve had quite a lot of whisky this past October, but while Single Barrel is nice – it’s still Jack Daniels, and I will always prefer my whisky coming from across the pond then in the depths of the American south. Unfortunately while we have a scotch here – a single malt as well, there is something left to desire. I never understood why some people would compare Glenlivet to Glenfiddich, because honestly the latter is merely average.


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Auchentoshan 12yr 750mL

A Journey of Justice: Part 4

Dear Booze Reviewers,

Well everyone, I’m home.  Those of you in the Buffalo Lounge no doubt already know of my safe return to my homeland.  However, despite this I feel that I must recount to you the final days of my expedition.  You will recall that in my previous letter I told of my time in a faraway land with an exotic, yet strangely familiar single malt whisky.  It took me several weeks but eventually I found my way out of that place and back onto a path I felt led me to my destination.  My intuition proved true, as within a day I found myself standing before a treasure trove.


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Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky 12yr 750mL

A Journey of Justice: Part 3

Dear Booze Reviewers,

I’ve once again found it within my power to postmark a message to you.  Though my travels have been long and arduous I have once again made it to civilization.  I appear to be somewhere in the far east.  As you can imagine I was at first quite distraught as to where I found myself for this is not the land of Whiskey, being the beverage I sought after.  Here there is only sake, souju, and rice beer.  All great drinks in their own right, but none close to my prized drink: Scotch.  However, fate saw fit to prove this first impression wrong.  It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon and  old building tucked away in the mountains.  Even from a distance I knew that this was no ordinary building, in fact it was my favorite sort of building: a distillery.

Eventually using my wit and pack full of seemingly useless items, I managed not only to ascertain that this building was indeed a facility for distilling single malt whiskies, but also to procure a bottle of their single malt.  I knew after taking the first sip that I had not become lost in my travels, no.  It was fate’s drunken hand that had guided me here.  The whisky had a rich smoky taste that pulled me in right from the beginning.  After finding some ice (don’t ask me how) I poured myself a glass and set to my duties.


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