Buffalo Wine Cellar – August 29th 2013

Alright kids, so aside from the Weekly Wine that we’ve been doing, I’ve also been collecting and grading the wines from my own collection. As a warning these will mostly be Merlot’s and Cabernet Sauvignon’s as that’s what I for the most part enjoy. Also the pictures were all taken post, because I decided Future Buffalo could handle the pictures. For the record I hate Past Buffalo.

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Weekly Wine – July 1st 2011

For this segment to happen I am going to take you all the way back to 2010. All the way back to the end of last year as this is when we actually reviewed these wines but Lee is too much of a douchenozzle to actually do anything for any segment or show we do. Due to this ineptitude, I have been tasked with writing about something I keep near and dear to my heart: vagina. Oh and wines.

Editor’s Note: Apologies for William, but also this is the first ‘Wine-Tasting’ we use for Weekly Wine; however later on we’ll have articles for wine every week since DJ_Lvl, and The Buffalo attend a local wine-tasting.

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