E & J VSOP Brandy Superior Reserve 750mL

Stop. Have you read Justice’s review of the XO E&J Brandy? If not then you should as this one is going to be kind of a continuation. I will give you time to do it now. Read it here. I am waiting…go read it. Done? Read it? Know a little more about brandies? Understand still that these reviews are done by the man called Justice, BuffaloJern, DJ_LvL and me, with my body booze free for the first time in a long time as I am trying to get fit, William Henri Neve IV? Good. Now that you know that and read about a mediocre to bad brandy…let me talk and walk you through an atrocious brandy.


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E & J XO Extra Smooth Brandy 750mL

Gross.  Okay well I’m done…okay so not really.

Hello and welcome to another week of Booze reviews!  I am the man called Justice, and I suffer through cheap brandy so you won’t have to.  This week we looked at two tiers of brandy from the same maker.   I will be walking you through E & J XO Extra Smooth Brandy, while my associate William Henri Neve IV will be taking you through their VSOP brandy, next week.  You really better thank us for this…


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