Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout: 6.0 – It’s a little more dark and almost Porter like compared to the stout possibly imperial style. It is overall a more rich flavor, but I prefer the black Lager or original if I’m honest. (FYI: I’ve tried to determine to little success if this is exactly the same as the Special Export needed in our Beer Poster Challenge, if it is hit me up in the comments)


Price Average: Name $5


Summer Vacation: Beer Camp 2016

Alright campers, time to end our Summer Vacation beer specials with a trip to beer camp. In previous years Beer Camp was an interesting idea where a bunch of breweries collaborated to make a 12 pack of unique beers. This time the field has expanded to include 30+ breweries but for only 6 beers! A fact that may actually come back to haunt this sampler like the ghost stories of our youth.


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Dogfish Head Miles Davis Bitches Brew

Miles Davis Bitches Brew: 8.0 – This is a combo of honey beer, some roots, and an imperial stout – and I normally give Dogfish some ‘commentary’ on making weird beers just because they can. Not so here – this is a complex flavorful brew that has some real dark weight to it. I can’t complain though because it just tastes so good. (And yes I did mix it with the album)


Price Average: Miles Davis Bitches Brew $14


Evil Twin Brewing Ashtray Heart Smoked Imperial Stout

Ashtray Heart: 8.25 – This bottle has been staring at me for a while, and I never bought it on the price point alone. I knew my mind would always wonder, good but is it 28 dollars good. In short this is a fulfilling and rich beer with a bunch of flavor, but balanced enough that it’s not heavy like other imperial stouts. I got the nerve to buy this due to a 20% sale (if buying 3 big bottles of anything) so I am very satisfied for having tried this – but I doubt I’d buy it again.


Price Average: Ashtray Heart $28