Summer Vacation: Beer Camp 2016

Alright campers, time to end our Summer Vacation beer specials with a trip to beer camp. In previous years Beer Camp was an interesting idea where a bunch of breweries collaborated to make a 12 pack of unique beers. This time the field has expanded to include 30+ breweries but for only 6 beers! A fact that may actually come back to haunt this sampler like the ghost stories of our youth.


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Dogfish Head Miles Davis Bitches Brew

Miles Davis Bitches Brew: 8.0 – This is a combo of honey beer, some roots, and an imperial stout – and I normally give Dogfish some ‘commentary’ on making weird beers just because they can. Not so here – this is a complex flavorful brew that has some real dark weight to it. I can’t complain though because it just tastes so good. (And yes I did mix it with the album)


Price Average: Miles Davis Bitches Brew $14


Evil Twin Brewing Ashtray Heart Smoked Imperial Stout

Ashtray Heart: 8.25 – This bottle has been staring at me for a while, and I never bought it on the price point alone. I knew my mind would always wonder, good but is it 28 dollars good. In short this is a fulfilling and rich beer with a bunch of flavor, but balanced enough that it’s not heavy like other imperial stouts. I got the nerve to buy this due to a 20% sale (if buying 3 big bottles of anything) so I am very satisfied for having tried this – but I doubt I’d buy it again.


Price Average: Ashtray Heart $28


Some Brewing Co. Whoopie Pie Stout

Whoopie Pie Stout: 2.5 – This caused a triple take, and sadly for all the wrong reasons. This is very easy to drink mostly because while it gives you a hint of beer, it tastes more like nothing at all. There might be a market for some out there who want a whiff of a stout, but that’s abnormal and should be judged as such.


Price Average: Whoopie Pie Stout $8