Taaka Vodka 750mL

Again we delve a bit into some grandstanding American bottom shelf vodkas. It’s a bit annoying that this tries to look Russian too hard. I actually bought this for infusing under the guise of – the flavor I am putting in will remove any of the flaws here (well usually most of them), but aside from it’s lying and aftertaste this as far as budget vodkas go is not bad really.


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Spud Potato Vodka 750mL

Not gonna lie folks but the next few weeks are just vodka’s and whiskies from Scotland and Ireland. All summer was more interesting and seasonal things, but it’s back to doing what we likely do a bit too much of. By which I mean trying to take those large walls of vodka from your local store and tell you why 85% of it should be flat out avoided. Hey speaking of.


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Exclusiv Vodka 750mL

Alright enough scotch, back to vodka (we should consider a gin binge). This time we go back once again to my least favorite friend, the bottom shelf. Because when you know you are buying ingredients for russians, the idea of a 10 dollar vodka seems enticing. You remember though that in most cases it may be 10 dollars, but it’s not 10 dollars well spent.


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Balinoff Vodka 750mL

This vodka angers me, and if you want to know why it’s because this vodka is basically France making a lie. And there are two things I hate: liars, and light beer – which is water that’s lying about being beer. No I’m not saying that France can’t make a good vodka – hell with all the brandy and sacred water they go on about – it should work out fine.


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Polar Ice Vodka 750mL

So we’ve always discussed how proximity to Russia for vodka can often be a nice indicator of quality. This is why Ukrainian vodka can be better than Polish (most of the time). However there’s always one thing we ignore in this ruling – what if proximity to Russia can work the other way. While there’s no Alaska vodka in stores that I can find, I did find this vodka from Canada.


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