Beefeater’s 24 Gin 750mL

So, depending on who you are, when you hear “Beefeaters” you might think “Fuck that I’m vegan or perhaps if you are a person who has ever visited a liquor store (if you haven’t, then this article probably isn’t for you) then you could be thinking “eww” or “woot woot cheap gin”.  Normally my own reaction would be the final one, but that opinion may be changing with the advent of Beefeater’s newest creation “Beefeater 24”.


Hello everyone, I am the man called Justice and I am here to give you a thorough walk through of this new gin.  When I first bought this gin at a promotional table at our local liquor store, I was hopeful.  Beefeater is not a gin that I care to drink often, and is considered by most of the booze reviewers to be a slightly sub average gin (though we’ve never formally reviewed it).  Thus this new variety was an exciting chance for Beefeater to redeem itself in our eyes.

So the question you’re asking now is “Well, was it any good?  OUT WITH IT MAN!”  Though I hate to disappoint, I unfortunately must.  Despite all the hype surrounding it, the fancy bottle and the high price, this gin did not meet our expectations.  They promised near perfection and delivered a slightly above average beverage:

What they say: “Beefeater has been crafting award-winning gins in London since 1820.  With Beefeater 24 our master distiller continues this tradition by taking an “artisan cut” of the very finest spirit right from the heart of each individual batch distillation.

Prior to this, the twelve exotic botanicals, which include the hand-prepared peel of grapefruit and Seville orange alongside rare Japanese sencha tea, are steeped for a period of 24 hours.  A process unique to Beefeater and one that helps create a luxury  gin of unrivaled complexity and smoothness.  The bottle takes its inspiration from an early 20th century flask found in the James Burrough company archive.”

Quite wordy I know.  As you can imagine after reading that we thought “well this is going to taste amazing” or “this should be one of the best gins ever”.  The actual results…well see for yourself:


Taste: 5.4 – Better than regular Beefeaters, It’s a gin, particularly mild. There is a bit of sweetness though.

Aftertaste: 4.1 – Beginning of the aftertaste is gin. Then there’s a bitter long after taste, not preferable.

Burn/Smooth: 6.4 – Doesn’t really burn at all, but it’s not going down too smooth.

Aroma: 5.63 – Standard gin kind of smell. Smells like trees.

Honesty: 7.1 – Our issue is that yes it’s really good, yes the bottle is well made, and it has a regal aura to it; however the wanking all over it kind of detracts from the score.

Mixability: 6.81

G & T: 6.375 – Very good solid gin and tonic.

Martini: 7.25  – Buffalo and Justice really like this for a martini.

Value: 2.8  – The problem is that there are gins on par with this for near 10 dollars less, and this doesn’t really do much to deserve this price.

Google Shop Average: $35



Reviewer Scores:

William Henri Neve the IV: 5.5

Justice: 5

BuffaloJern: 5

DJ_Lvl: 4.5

The Bear: 4

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Metric Score: 38.24/70 |+| Metric Average: 5.46 |+| Reviewer Average: 4.8

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Final Thoughts: We can agree it’s not awful, but we still know its Beefeaters, even if it’s trying to be classy it’s like a bro trying to wear a fedora. What is has in good points only exists to cancel out its bad points.  If you can find just the bottle for a decent price, it makes a pretty classy decorative piece, but the gin isn’t worth what they charge.


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