Jack Daniels Green Label 750mL

STOP! Did you read our Jack Daniel’s Black Label review yet? If not Jern put this link here because I am fucking useless when it comes to stuff like that. .

So, now that you know how we felt about the original whiskey Mr. Daniels brought to this world, allow us, the Booze Review Crew, to introduce that a new challenger is approaching!


Like certain brands of alcohol have different levels of quality for various prices Jack Daniels is no different. Of course we have touched upon Gentlemen Jack (which Jern has also made into a link! sugoi desu ne! ) and we know there is single barrel Jack Daniels as well but those are said to be of higher quality as “regular” Jack Daniels. Well, what exactly is lower than Black Label then? Well that is why we are here, people! Buffalo Jern, DJ_LvL, Justice, special guests Mr. Hentai, Poat, and myself, with a brand new suit tailored to my size and designed to my liking with a delicious glass of wine as I watch anime…don’t judge me, William Henri Neve IV…all want to teach you about alcohol so you can impress your friends, co-workers, and future Alcohol Anonymous mates.

That said, here is your education for the day. Regular people would tell you that Green Label Jack Daniels is cheaper than Black Label due to it having a lower quality based on taste experts at Jack Daniels. These people would be correct and also would deserve to be punched in the face if they use that as to why they should drink something. You make your own opinion! You try it and say: I agree or I disagree! If you never thought that way then you know why we started to do these reviews now…we had that curiosity. So, we tried green label and we had tried black label. Many said Green Label is better and others that Black Label is.

Well, sorry to break the news but they are all made the same way in the same barrels in the same plant…yup…there is no difference other than the slight difference most batches of alcohols have from other ones. Jack Daniels had it so Green and Black were different but now it comes down to only taste testers trying a bit of a barrel and if they deem it worthy of the Black Label name then it gets it. If not…it becomes Green Label. So, we tested to see if we could see what is so special about that title.

What they say: (Many Awards around bottle) Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is a completely natural product. It is made from pure spring water, yeast and 100% whole natural grains: corn, rye, and barley malt.


Taste: 6 – Nice taste, similar to Black Label in fact that it’s very hard to differentiate the initial taste.

Aftertaste: 5.57 – Not terribly bad, it’s comparable to the initial taste.

Burn/Smooth: 4.5 – The burn here was very, very polarizing. Some found no real burn at all and considered it slightly smooth for a standard whiskey, while others found it to be incredibly unpleasant. Mind you none of us here are sissies when it comes to a burn having reviewed much more powerful stuff. We assume it’s just a taste bud thing because the point spread that got the 4.5 average was between: 1.5 to 6.5. Keep in mind most scores that get average don’t deviate more than a single point with a 2-3 point difference being quite rare.

Aroma: 5.58 – Neutral average whiskey smell. Whiskey brand whiskey.

Honesty: 7.36 – Nice bottle, less wank. It suffers though because while the lettering and design feel a little cleaner than black Black Label it’s less iconic. That and the lower price point would leave some to believe it’s inferior to Black Label, still though it’s whiskey with the JD name.

Mixability: 5.975

w/ Rocks: 5.25 – Really standard fare here.

Whiskey and Coke: 6.7 – This tastes much better and the whiskey really adds to the flavor of the coke.

Value: 5.83 – It’s slightly above average, but really it’s within that price range you’d expect for this tier of whiskey.

Google Shop Average: $22

Website: http://www.jackdaniels.com/


Reviewer Scores:

William Henri Neve the IV: 6.5

Justice: 5

BuffaloJern: 6.5

DJ_Lvl: 6

Mr. Hentai: 5.5

Poat: 5

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Metric Score: 40.82/70 |+| Metric Average: 5.83 |+| Reviewer Average: 5.75

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Final Thoughts:

A more diverse feeling on it’s taste and burn; however if you enjoy it you can’t go terribly wrong here. Gentlemen costs almost a third more, and is worth that gap – so really it comes down to your budget here. While we at the Buffalo Lounge would rather grab some Ezra Brooks overall JD Green is a nice above average whisky.

Will IV’s View: To finish the lecture I started I have to say that it seems true that these are made the same way and in the same barrels. If a barrel is bad…well they rid themselves of it…but if it is “bad” in the sense that it doesn’t deserve the black label…it becomes green label as I said before. Well, my one thing about that is people are fallible and no matter how much of an expert you are you are prone to errors and sometimes egregious ones at that. That said, maybe they make an error and don’t realize green label is the same as black because based on us they are. But as I said…humans are imperfect so go test them for yourself. All I can do with my comrades is provide information and teach. But, like my boss always says in the lab: you can bring a horse to water…but you cannot force him to drink. Where I can give you knowledge, I cannot make you keep it and learn it. But in this case I am leading you to water and telling you to drink Green Label over Black Label due to price since they are the same…if you do is up to you.

It has been written, so it must be. Science has proven it.


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  1. I love single barrel, black label, green label, and gentleman Jack. I realize thatmi may be a stupid redneck but I compare everything to Jack. Its just my thang. I am trying different drinks from time to time and so far I still put Jack at the top. My friend told me that i should try a 20 or 25 year old Macallan scotch.Idk.Thanks for your review.

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