Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin 750mL

Good afternoon everyone, if you’re wondering why there’s another Buffalo review (and no Bison Grass Vodka), I’d like to say that what I’m reviewing is so special to my heart that my fellow reviewers shall not get a share. Sadly though you’ve already seen Seagram’s Gin in the title, so that’s basically ruined.


No this week, my fellow reviewers basically told me that if we were going to review this gin, I’d have to do it myself. They know my ability to stomach bad gin far too well, despite the side effects of “koving gears that actually steam”, and so as a way to escape they’ve given me the task of reviewing this solo.

Now I actually have a bit of a story with Seagrams. See when I came back from England having only tried Beefeaters in a G&T (and very much not impressed) I was left with a box of alcohol from my parents. Now it was kind enough to have some JD Black, Ezra Brooks, Dewar White Label, and some other various brandies and liquers; however these were nearly empty. The 3 gins though Gilbey’s, Black Watch, and finally Seagrams were nearly full, and lacking funds – my only option.

While I may seem biased against Seagrams above note that having partaken of the other 2 gins available I was pleasantly happy over how not awful Seagrams was. Thankfully I’ve matured and other gins have given me an acquired taste for gin so that I might give it the low score it fully deserves.

What they say: “Barreled mellow for smoothness”


Taste: 3.5 – It’s an off flavor, it has the bit of juniper in the aftertaste, but initially it’s very odd. It’s like they tried to cut the harshness with Juniper and sweetness, but couldn’t decide which.

Aftertaste: 5 – It gets a bit better here with the aftertaste as the juniper starts to come through, but it’s still average.

Burn/Smooth: 5.5 – The burn here isn’t awful. It’s actually quite average for a gin, maybe a little better, but that’s the sweetness from the taste cutting in.

Aroma: 4 – You can actually sense something there making it a bit sweeter, but it doesn’t smell like a gin, more like a vodka with a hint of juniper.

Honesty: 3.5 – Now clearly we have to mention the back glass with its wavy and almost tire tread like bumps. However I don’t see it as something to be considered pretty, no I think it’s more like a fuck up in the glass making or done purposely so that the bottle has more grip for hobos so that they may chug properly. With no real informative text besides that it’s put in barrels they let the gin do their talking, and sadly it’s an awful spokesperson. And really who matures gin in barrels?

Mixability: 4

Martini: 3.5 – Certainly not the best martini I’ve ever had. I’d even go so far to say it’s sub-par.

Gin and Tonic: 4.5 – Not awful, but not the gin and tonic I’d choose, nothing really to say here beyond that.

Value: 3 – Now the problem here is that in a choice between this and Gordon’s I’d go with Gordon’s. Of course New Amsterdam is better, but inferiority to Gordon’s make this fairly low in terms of bang for buck.

Google Shop Average: $12



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 4

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Metric Score: 28.50/70 |+| Metric Average: 4.07

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Final Thoughts:

Normally we don’t force someone to suffer a spirit alone, joining together like the Power Rangers to spread the burden amongst ourselves. I think however I can fully say that DJ_Lvl, Justice, and William Henri Neve the IV are secretly glad that they were able to escape this review. I wish I could have been as lucky, but I know that there are just so many gins out there far – far worse.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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  1. Your calendar is WRONG! Aug 2017 starts on Tuesday!
    I am new to Gin drinking, buy it in the half gallon (?) Size. Would it be possible to come out w/plastic Bottles? Don’t like those big bottles banging around in my trash bag so loudly. Suggestions?

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