The Claymore Blended Scotch Whiskey 750mL

Well part 3 of the UK trip – this time I got myself a blended scotch purely because it had the name ‘Claymore’ my personal choice of weapon. Sadly though much like its namesake this has perhaps too much edge, and it’s not good if you put it through your throat and stomach. I also get that a basket-edge single bladed sword can be called Claymore – but c’mon just put a picture of a stupid sword belonging to a Final Fantasy character on the bottle


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Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750mL

A more noble beverage I have not yet tasted.

Too formal?  I personally don’t think so.  If nothing else when I first tried this scotch while dressed in a suit vest I was probably a bit under-dressed.  Today on Booze Reviews ladies and gentlemen, I, Justice, will show you the end of a legacy.  That’s right, we’ve finally finished the full spectrum of Johnnie Walker scotches with this very appropriate choice:  Johnnie Walker Gold Label.


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