Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750mL

A more noble beverage I have not yet tasted.

Too formal?  I personally don’t think so.  If nothing else when I first tried this scotch while dressed in a suit vest I was probably a bit under-dressed.  Today on Booze Reviews ladies and gentlemen, I, Justice, will show you the end of a legacy.  That’s right, we’ve finally finished the full spectrum of Johnnie Walker scotches with this very appropriate choice:  Johnnie Walker Gold Label.


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Johnnie Walker Red Label 750mL

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I bet you’re wondering why we’re not using this golden opportunity to review a tequila – to which I can only say an old Spanish proverb. “It is not one to review that one cannot remember.” Now I’m not sure what that means but it sounded profound enough to excuse away why we started this morning with some scotch. Justice had actually considered mixability with cereal, but then we couldn’t decide which cereal. (Hint: should have been CTC)


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Johnnie Walker Double Black Label 750mL

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another Booze Review. This one is a good one. Yup.

Alright I will be honest: right now I am dreading writing this because I have not had alcohol in over two weeks because I am trying to get into shape and it does not help. I feel like a fraud. I feel I have disgraced the other members of our troupe by doing this but I need to think of my physical conditioning right now.


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