Stock 84 Brandy 750mL

Expanding our repertoire of brandies we come to something that by the numbers is not a complete failure, yet it’s not something you would likely want to buy and drink. I couldn’t find an online presence to these guys, and I’m not sure if that’s because the ‘130 years of tradition’ means they’ve not found the internet, or if like many other backdoor low-tier spirits it’s been made for profit not to be a product.


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Landy Cognac VS 750mL

Yes fret not we have not forgotten our claim to actually get onto some cognac reviews, and because of a certain aspect of this we can assure you that soon the decanter of cognac in the Buffalo lounge will soon be depleted and require another victim spirit. (No word on the other 21 decanters, because yes the Buffalo does have a problem)


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E&J VS Brandy 750mL

This has been a long time coming, and it’s clear to see why. Despite the pair of reviews being one of the most viewed and talked about things on this site – we are not fans of E&J based on their lackluster XO, and their dismal VSOP. However those familiar with their brandy/cognac tiers know that there is a step younger (worse?) than VSOP – the VS. We said we would start getting more brandy and cognac – and that brings us to today.


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E & J VSOP Brandy Superior Reserve 750mL

Stop. Have you read Justice’s review of the XO E&J Brandy? If not then you should as this one is going to be kind of a continuation. I will give you time to do it now. Read it here. I am waiting…go read it. Done? Read it? Know a little more about brandies? Understand still that these reviews are done by the man called Justice, BuffaloJern, DJ_LvL and me, with my body booze free for the first time in a long time as I am trying to get fit, William Henri Neve IV? Good. Now that you know that and read about a mediocre to bad brandy…let me talk and walk you through an atrocious brandy.


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E & J XO Extra Smooth Brandy 750mL

Gross.  Okay well I’m done…okay so not really.

Hello and welcome to another week of Booze reviews!  I am the man called Justice, and I suffer through cheap brandy so you won’t have to.  This week we looked at two tiers of brandy from the same maker.   I will be walking you through E & J XO Extra Smooth Brandy, while my associate William Henri Neve IV will be taking you through their VSOP brandy, next week.  You really better thank us for this…


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