Old Grand-Dad Whiskey 86 Proof 750mL

Now sit down squirts because ol’ man Buffalo has got some stories to tell. Back in the war – kid voice: “ which war?” – the WAR WITH CANADA ya brat! Anyway back in the war only 3 things kept you going – the promise of your woman back home waiting for ya, the knowledge that your bullets, knives, and fists have killed more Canadians than you’ll remember – and whiskey – good old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


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Talisker 10 yr Single Malt Scotch 750mL

I’m sure some of you may have noticed that last week we did not have a review, this is because unfortunately I was not able to cover for my co-presenters like I often do. I literally had nothing to go on. It was okay though because I made sure things were in place for this week. Except they decided to go to Pax East (which due to not being able to get a ticket and work I am unable to attend), and completely botch any way of getting things done right.


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Johnnie Walker Double Black Label 750mL

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another Booze Review. This one is a good one. Yup.

Alright I will be honest: right now I am dreading writing this because I have not had alcohol in over two weeks because I am trying to get into shape and it does not help. I feel like a fraud. I feel I have disgraced the other members of our troupe by doing this but I need to think of my physical conditioning right now.


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Glenfiddich 12yr 750mL

Ahh to review scotch again. Well plainly we’ve had quite a lot of whisky this past October, but while Single Barrel is nice – it’s still Jack Daniels, and I will always prefer my whisky coming from across the pond then in the depths of the American south. Unfortunately while we have a scotch here – a single malt as well, there is something left to desire. I never understood why some people would compare Glenlivet to Glenfiddich, because honestly the latter is merely average.


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Snow Queen Vodka 750mL

This vodka might be a bit more appropriate if we’d gotten a bit more snow this season.

Excuse me, let’s back up.  Good evening, morning, afternoon, or whatever various time of day you happen to feast your eyes on this in depth (not really) review of this seasonally appropriate vodka.  I am the man called Justice and this week I’ll be presenting for your holiday pleasure Snow Queen.


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Jack Daniels Black Label 750mL

Open your minds, mouths, stomachs, anus and urethra all you Honest Booze Reviews readers because shit is about to go down. A couple of weeks ago we all got together and decided that we needed to cook some food…cook some food and get drunk. WHAT CHU KNOW ABOUT BOOZE REVIEWS, SON?! BuffaloJern, the man named Justice, and DJ LvL got together with a couple of new friends to this gig in Poat and Mr. Hentai to drink some food and eat some booze along with me, bottle inverted 180 degrees and the opening no longer pouring booze into my mouth, William Henri Neve IV aka newly formed Tex Mexibro aka MC Will Power aka DJ Jonah Jameson (DAMN YOU SPIDERMAN!) aka William Henri Neve The Fourth (different person).


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