Weekly Wine October 24th


2011 Schola Sarmenti Primitivo


Price: ~$15

From: Salento, Italy

Score: B


2010 7 Deadly Zins  Zinfandel


Price: ~$17

From: Lodi, California

Score: B+

Editor’s Note: We’ve previously had their 2009, and it’s comparable.


2011 Pedroncelli Zinfandel Mother Clone


Price: ~$15

From: Sonoma County, California

Score: B


2012 Ridge Three Valleys Zinfandel


Price: ~$25

From: Sonoma County, California

Score: B+


2012 The Prisoner Saldo Zinfandel


Price: ~$30

From: Napa Valley, California

Score: C-


As a special treat we also got to try Zyr Vodka – and while it’s certainly good, and a little better priced than Grey Goose – they’re claim of rewards and a score of ‘100 points’ irks me. Mostly because – well I’ve had vodka that could possibly be considered 100 points, and this was not that by a long shot.


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