901 Silver Tequila 750mL

A friend of mine was recently meant to come over for a get together – and asked if the Buffalo Lounge was sporting silver tequila. Of course having recently killed the sickeningly sweet tequilas from recent reviews all I had was some reposado‘s. I told my friend however that said stuff was actually good, but that I’d pick up a silver anyway.


I really wish I hadn’t, because not only was this a little pricey (figured I’d get something new, but still above mid-tier), and this is just awful. It’s not just the sting that it’s a bad tequila – it’s when tequila is bad, and costs more than many others you’ve tried that were much better.


What they Say: “” – Just a big black 901 on the back.


Taste: 2.0 – I’ve often complained about silver tequila either being too strong, or like lighter fluid, or more often too sweet. This is none of that – it’s far worse. I can’t define this taste as anything more than awful.

Aftertaste: 1.0 – And if you thought the aftertaste would get better – like me you thought wrong – if anything it gets worse.

Burn/Smooth: 5.0 –I mean it doesn’t burn really it just tastes so bad going down.

Aroma: 8.0 – As far as silver tequila’s go that’s actually quite pleasant, not too much agave, or too sweet, or too death.

Honesty: 3.0 – They have no text so at least they don’t lie, but add that to the Eurotrash bottle and what we get here isn’t good at all. And while rotgut tequila can be honest to itself – this is just bad.

Mixability: 4.0

Tequila w/ Lime: 3.0 – Still awful.

Tequila Sunrise: 5.0 – Not great.

Value: 2.0 – I got this a little cheaper – but this could 14 dollars and I’d still say it’s not great value.

Google Shop Average: $34

Website: http://www.901.com/


Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 2.0

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Metric Score: 25/70 |+| Metric Average: 3.57 |+| Reviewer Average: 2.0

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Final Thoughts: I have a headache (I typically use a small glass for reviews as a I don’t need much), and it’s likely precisely because of this awful-ness. This is the Effen vodka of Silver Tequila


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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