Russian Standard Platinum Vodka 750mL

Greetings Honest Booze Readers, today we review a Russian  vodka – from Russia. Of course in a few weeks we’ll review a REAL Russian vodka, and not this Kanye West bullshit. For this week though we reviewed Russian Standard Platinum Vodka an imported vodka hailing from where vodka belongs: The Motherland.


To give a brief overview of how Booze Reviews work, our 4 reviewers have a round table discussion over a few glasses recording our thoughts and reactions. We then discuss how the alcohol rates against others of the same type (vodka vs. other vodkas) using some set metrics and our own personal thoughts. These notes are transcribed and compiled by someone into a review detailing the selected liquor.

Russian Standard Vodka is located in Moscow Russia with a separate distillery in St. Petersburg. Introduced in 1998 Russian Standard has grown to a 60% market share in Russian Platinum Vodkas and is exported to over 70 countries. Production of Russian Standard is based on Dmitri Mendeleev’s 1894 formula. Created from Grain and Glacier Water it is then filtered 4 times through charcoal and for the Platinum version it is then filtered twice more through silver. The Luxury version Imperia is filtered an additional 2 times through crystal quartz. (We have the Platinum Version)

The Russian Standard Platinum is definitely of a higher grade of vodka comparative to other vodkas, but it leaves something to be desired. The taste, aftertaste, and aroma are nothing fantastic. You see vodka is meant to be completely pure lacking taste, burn, even smell. Even worse this vodka is a Russian export meaning that it should be of a much higher quality. Yet this vodka is truly lacking. We here at Honest Booze Reviews feel that your vodka is better the closer it gets to Russia and the fewer amount of English on your bottle.

To our tastes while Russian Standard Platinum is obviously above Stoli, Smirnoff, and Absolut vodkas like Grey Goose, Ketel One, and Hammer + Sickle are just better vodkas. Despite this Russian Standard expresses itself as the singular great premium vodka that is exported from Russia. Going through their website we found this little gem “Favorite vodka among Russia’s blooming generation of successful urban professionals who work and play hard enough to put even 1980’s New Yorkers to shame.” As well from their bottle:

What they say: Russian Standard Platinum continues our fine traditions in producing vodka of the highest quality. This vodka not only meets the strict requirements of Dmitry Mendeleev’s classical 1894 recipe, developed in St. Petersburg, but also innovative technologies to perfect the production process. Our exclusive Silver Filtration System allows us to achieve ultrafine rectification. This process is slow and meticulous, requiring a high degree of precision and constant control. Only in this way can we bring to fruition the full benefits of Silver Filtration – which results in a vodka of amazing clarity & remarkable taste.

What makes this disappointing is that they champion this Sliver Filtration it just comes off as a cheap gimmick. While the amount of distilling is meant to achieve a better vodka, in the end it’s really the source materials. Despite its Russian Heritage, while Russian Standard is a great vodka the sad fact of the matter is that there is just better vodka out there. Well then onto our scores.


Taste: 7.5 – There’s a bit of taste, its not too overbearing. On the rocks the ice softened any bite the vodka provided leaving it go down nicely. However the problem is that there was still a taste an inherent problem in vodka.

Aftertaste: 5.75 – This gets an even lower score because while some vodkas have just the initial taste with no aftertaste Russian Standard does. It’s not awful, but it shows impurity. It’s like an off white for vodka close and good on it’s own but it’s not pure white.

Burn/Smooth 8.25 – Has a much smoother burn then its American counterparts. It doesn’t go down fighting, it’s like the vodka is saying enjoy yourself. On a whole we agree that Russian Standard is pretty smooth.

Aroma: 7.33 – It’s not a terrible smell and on a scale of Vodka->Paint Thinner it’s closer to vodka but the smell is still there.

Honesty: 5.12 – Russian Standard with its Silver Filtration and it’s name dropping of Mendeleev seems to detract from it’s points. They’re really full of themselves and there is nothing to back them up. It sounds phony, like it’s lied to us as drinkers. As Will and Justice described it, this is the Kanye West or Ed Hardy of vodka. Shiny and loud. but with no spine.

Mixability: 9 – This is truly the only thing this vodka excels at, it’s pleasant in mixed drinks showcasing a great quality of vodka, the ability to be tasteless when mixed. We tested mix-ability with a Screwdriver, a Vodka Tonic, and White Russians

Screwdriver: Minor taste – Kinda like orange juice. Little bit of the vodka. Can still kind of taste it.

Vodka Tonic: Really Good – Pretty damn good vodka tonic. Described as some really delicious tonic water. Vodka is really not there.

Russians: Very Good – Using this much with something else you would taste it and hence enjoy it less. Which is why this vodka is fantastic because a Russian made with this is perfect.

Value: 6.63 – At a price of $27 Dollars for a 750mL it’s a little steep for it’s taste. Not the best value especially compared to Hammer and Sickle and Ketel One because in terms of mixing it’s of comparable quality, yet on its own it’s value is terrible.

Google Shop Average: $27



Reviewer Scores:

DJ Lvl: 6.5

William Henri Neve the IV: 8

Justice: 7

BuffaloJern: 7

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Total: 49.58/70 |+| Metric Average 7.08 |+| Reviewer Average 7.125

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Final Thoughts:

Makes a really good mixing vodka, it’s top-middle shelf. This vodka is if a bro got a good job from hit fratmates and is now making a bunch of money. Deciding that him, his suit, and his duck lips needs to upgrade his liquor cabinet grabs of bottle of this claiming it’s superiority as premo-vodka because it’s Russian export. He would champion this among his friends as having gone out and broken the bank getting them the best there is in vodka. We here at the Honest Booze Review crew hold our vodka to a higher standard and Russian Standard Premium Vodka is that. Standard, not exemplary, standard.

Cheers Mates.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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