Reyka Vodka 750mL

Do you lot remember a few years back when that volcano erupted in Iceland? The name of that volcano was Eyjafjallajökull and it disrupted air travel all over Europe and Asia the likes of which had not been seen for such a small volcanic eruption.

When most of us heard that we thought: Woah, volcano! And what a hell of a name that is! Amazing!

The people at Reyka Vodka said: Who wants to go collect rocks from the volcano to distill our vodka with?

Where that is not 100% accurate as I cannot prove that they used those rocks BUT it would not surprise me if that exact sentiment went into crafting this vodka.


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Snow Queen Vodka 750mL

This vodka might be a bit more appropriate if we’d gotten a bit more snow this season.

Excuse me, let’s back up.  Good evening, morning, afternoon, or whatever various time of day you happen to feast your eyes on this in depth (not really) review of this seasonally appropriate vodka.  I am the man called Justice and this week I’ll be presenting for your holiday pleasure Snow Queen.


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New Amsterdam Vodka 750mL

Since we found it almost a year ago we’ve hailed New Amsterdam’s Gin as one of the “Best things about doing Booze Reviews.” it’s the reason we do this, because not only can we find the best tasting stuff we find something that completely changes the way we view spirits. We now subconsciously rate gin as yes it’s good, but is it twice as good as New Amsterdam, because that’s the price point it has to beat.


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Wodka Vodka 750mL

Another week and we still haven’t heard from Justice, though a Cambodian Monk has told us that “He is the envy of angels on earth.” So this week we carried on and went to a farm, where there were goats, a robot, and vodka. Since this isn’t Honest Robot-Goat Reviews, let’s move on to this weeks review Wodka vodka, which comes from Poland.


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