Reyka Vodka 750mL

Do you lot remember a few years back when that volcano erupted in Iceland? The name of that volcano was Eyjafjallajökull and it disrupted air travel all over Europe and Asia the likes of which had not been seen for such a small volcanic eruption.

When most of us heard that we thought: Woah, volcano! And what a hell of a name that is! Amazing!

The people at Reyka Vodka said: Who wants to go collect rocks from the volcano to distill our vodka with?

Where that is not 100% accurate as I cannot prove that they used those rocks BUT it would not surprise me if that exact sentiment went into crafting this vodka.


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Wodka Vodka 750mL

Another week and we still haven’t heard from Justice, though a Cambodian Monk has told us that “He is the envy of angels on earth.” So this week we carried on and went to a farm, where there were goats, a robot, and vodka. Since this isn’t Honest Robot-Goat Reviews, let’s move on to this weeks review Wodka vodka, which comes from Poland.


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Skyy Vodka 750mL

Gentleman this is vodka.

Wait no, wrong intro.  Unfortunately it’s not Ketel One again this week.  Its Skyy Vodka…no, stop! Don’t go!  Tonight on booze reviews: a bear brings by some vodka and mauls some mixed drinks!  Not only that, a surprise ending, Skyy vodka is actually pretty good!  Oh, whoops, looks like I gave away the whole review in the tag line.  I’m going somewhere with this I swear…let’s start over.

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Ketel One Vodka 750mL

While Ketel One isn’t our favorite spirit, not even our favorite vodka we have used more Ketel One in the Buffalo Lounge than any other liquor. Ketel One is our go-to drink for its wide use in Russian, screwdrivers, and tons of other mixed drinks, without sacrificing quality in the least. It is the standard we judge all vodka’s on, namely if you’re not better of comparable than we don’t want to deal with you. This has since changed with Three Olives much ore competitive price, but Ketel One is a good barometer for vodka.


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Effen Vodka 750mL

Its Vodka week again in booze reviews, and I am the man called Justice and this week I’ll be revealing to you a vodka that turned out to be all balls and no shaft: Effen Vodka (aka Effenol).  This hilariously named vodka was provided to use by our guest reviewer this week Jesse, aka “the sweatta vest”.  Throw it back and grit your teeth, Effenol is coming your way.


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