Shipyard Blue Fin Stout

Ahh finally onto a stout – now while this stout is in no way better than Guinness or Allagash draft it does beat Guinness bottles (again these are all on Draft and Guinness Draft may be one of the better things in this world.) However their selection is very solid and enjoyable.


Shipyard Blue Fin Stout: 7.4/10 – Its ends like a nice vanilla ice cream float, but overall it’s nicely balanced and flavorful. An all around good stout. We can’t begin to accurately describe the head on this beer, most heads are liquidly and to an extent half and half kinda creamy. It’s almost whipped here though and is nearly as thick as ice cream, which combos quite nicely with the rest of the stout.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50




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