El Jimador Silver Tequila 750mL

We are hitting the end of the summer, and thus the end of the Buffalo buying different tequilas to throw into random citrus or tropical mixes. (Recipes of which exist for all of the 3 seconds). The problem with reviewing spirits in this manner is you sort of just accept how standard it is mixed, and try to neglect that should you review it in a context where seven types of fruit juices are not involved it’s likely a bad tequila.


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Agavales Gold Tequila 750mL

Looking back at the Silver version of this, and it seems this Tequila is just unable to provide anything in the way of impact. Tequila should be bold flavored or at least complex. Tequila like this is the worst kind of tequila because even the gutter trash shit that burns both ways is at least good for a story. This is good for white trash people who want to have lemonade but call a margarita and check out of parties early to go to bed.


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Margaritaville Silver Tequila 750mL

I think this will be the last of the reasonably priced silver tequilas that we’ve been trying this year. As they keeping having faults that make it really hard to justify not spending a bit more. At least with what we’ve seen with Reposado there is a variance. Here we either get a terrible sweetness mixed with bland flavoring, or the flavor is off to the point of wondering what exactly they are doing to your spirit.


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