Jose Cuervo Tradicional Gold Reposado Tequila 750mL

Greetings everyone. Typically these reviews as you know are conducted by the 4 main reviewers myself (BuffaloJern) DJ_LvL, Justice, and William Henri Neve the IVth. Today is different, because my father informed me that we would be drinking tequila. When I expressed my “non-forthcoming desire for Cuervo” I was then informed that it wasn’t a debate, and even if it was I would lose.


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Gran Centenario Tenampa Azul Reposado Tequila 750mL

Sadly our Mexican reviewer has gone mysteriously missing (something about Immigration officers and the sex offender’s list), leaving me the Buffalo to review this tequila. I’m not sure how I feel about this since most tequila’s just bring back memories of excessive vomiting.  I always thought rum was a better way to not have memories. Nonetheless we have here a very – well it’s not very anything actually – besides being very middle of the line.


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Patron Silver 750mL

Odelay, mi raza! We here at Booze Reviews have again gone to the Mexican well and when we pulled the proverbial bucket up it was filled with tequila! This is the third of our silver tequila standoff (of course it is a Mexican standoff) and this one is packing heat! In the words of a man I never knew that got drunk off a small amount of this stuff we reviewed.


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Milagro Tequila Silver 750mL

My liver is crying and my brain is in a torrent of pain. Must be time for another installment of Booze Reviews. I am the Mexi-Bro, the real deal derogatory term for a Spanish person-derogatory term for a black person (ask Buffalo about what I am talking about as it is not the time or place for that kind of boorish language). I am William Henri Neve IV: Super Dragon Edition. Today we are going to be looking blurrily at a tequila we decided to pit against our review of 1800 – our last tequila review.


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1800 Silver Tequila 750mL

ODELAYYYYY! Hola, amigos! Welcome to another edition of booze reviews where we get alcohol poisoning for your benefit. Writing the review this week, in all his glory, is MC Will Power aka Diego Neve aka Mexi-bro aka William Henri Neve the Fourth! Oh and also involved were Justice, DJ LvL and Buffalo Jern. This week we reviewed the delicious treat of Mexican Gods…tequila. 1800 Silver Tequila to be exact.


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